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Pregnancy Twinning
Having a baby should be an exciting time but for women in Malawi it's also especially tough. These women are 60 times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth than a woman in the UK and new babies are also over 10 times more likely not to make it. The good news is that you can help. For just £40 you (or your friends) can support a woman in Malawi to help ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery.
The £40 will provide

  • help getting to a health clinic for antenatal checks.
  • pregnancy advice, support and a listening ear from a local Mother Buddy
  • The opportunity to give birth safely at a clinic rather than at home
  • visits for six months after the birth to give help and advice on nutrition, hygiene and staying healthy
  • help with accessing ARV treatment, if she is living with HIV, making sure her baby is born HIV free

    You will also get a photo of a mother and her newborn in Malawi who has been supported through pregnancy and childbirth by our Mother Buddy programme. This usually takes two weeks, and the photo will normally be sent via email to help keep costs to a minimum and ensure your gift makes the biggest impact possible.

    At the Methodist District Synod last May we heard how pregnancy twinning can really help to make a difference. Through the support of pregnancy twinning, Chasing Zero can provide communities with healthcare and emotional support. This comes in the form of a Mother Buddy. Mother Buddies are mothers trained to help women through pregnancy in rural Malawi where the dangers of pregnancy are severe.

    Pregnancy Twinning is operated in Malawi in conjunction with Tearfund, Chasing Zero and partner organisations.

    Follow the link below for more information on how to become involved.
    pregnancy twinning

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