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Methodist Circuits are arranged in sections. Each section is looked after by a Presbyter (Minister) who assumes pastoral responsibility for the people in each church under their care. The Superintendent Minister has oversight of the whole Circuit but may also have pastoral responsibility for a specific church as well. The governing of each Circuit is carried out by the Superintendent and their Ministerial colleagues as well as by a number of lay people appointed as Circuit Stewards

In the Chester and Delamere Forest Circuit, the Superintendent is the Rev'd J Neil Stacey who also looks after Wesley Methodist Church in Chester. Rev'd Christine Dutton shares responsibility for Wesley as well as looking after Christleton and Rowton churches.
Rev'd David Speed looks after Saltney, Saughall, Bretton, Mickle Trafford and Tarvin churches. Kelsall is looked after by Rev'd Anne Gibson, a Supernumerary Minister while Rev'd David Bintliff is looking after Helsby, Kingsley Hurst and Kingsley Blakelees.
Frodsham, Norley, Oakmere and Bunbury with Tiverton churches are looked after by Rev'd Andrew Emison.
Hoole Methodist Church, Garden Lane Uniting Church and Caldy Valley Neighbourhood Church are looked after by Rev'd David Goodwin.
Also in the Circuit is Tarporley Baptist / Methodist Church looked after by Pastor Nic Willis.

You can contact any of these Ministers through our website's contact page or through the website of the particular church in which you are interested. (See churches page)

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